Ocean Surface Observation Laboratory
University of New Hampshire

The physical interaction between earth’s atmosphere and oceans drives weather, climate, and the transport of buoyant pollutants. The Ocean Surface Observation Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire is centered around the drive to make better observations of ocean surface layer fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. This work exists at the intersection of engineering and physical oceanography.

Who We Are

PI: Nathan Laxague

Ph.D. Student: Shantanu Soumya

Undergrad RA: Olivia Kilmer


Active Projects




Recently Published Results.

Observations of the ocean surface wave and current response to a heavy, impulsive rain event.

Field observations of the mean and wave phase-dependent near-surface current profile in the upper few centimeters of the ocean.


ME 603: Heat Transfer

ME 7/895: Experimental Fluid Dynamics

OE 7/854: Ocean Waves and Tides

OE 995: Dynamics of Air-Sea Interaction

Join The Group

The group is looking to recruit dynamic and curious scientists and engineers to join as M.S. and Ph.D. students.
If you are interested, please reach out so that we can discuss your research interests and the current opportunities in the lab.

UNH graduate school application deadlines:

Mechanical Engineering, M.S. or Ph.D.
Fall: 2/15 (for funding); 4/1 (recommended US, final international); 7/1 (final)
Spring: 12/1 (US); 11/1 (international)

Ocean Engineering, M.S. or Ph.D.
Fall: 1/15 (for funding); 4/1 (recommended US, final international); 7/1 (final)
Spring: 12/1

Additionally, for prospective students who wish to join the group but pursue a formal course of study in Oceanography,
PI Laxague is affiliated with that graduate program: https://ceps.unh.edu/earth-sciences/program/phd/oceanography

For more information on the UNH graduate school, please go here: https://gradschool.unh.edu/academics/programs-study


    Ocean Surface Observation Laboratory
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    University of New Hampshire
    Durham, NH 03824




    Nathan [dot] Laxague [at] unh [dot] edu